Clone Hero | Song List

Decrepit Birth , (A Departure Of The Sun) Ignite The Tesla Coil
Foreign Objects , (With a Smile) The Friendliest of Fire
Angel Vivaldi , . . . . .
Angel Vivaldi , . . . . _
Angel Vivaldi , . . . _ _ (Ft. Fabrizio Leo)
Angel Vivaldi , . . _ _ _
Angel Vivaldi , . _ _ _ _
Sonata Arctica , …of Silence
Allegaeon , 1.618
Mutoid Man , 1000 Mile Stare
Sweetbox , 1000 Words
Guitar Heroes , 12 Donkeys
Gorillaz , 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)
Various Artists , 2000s Solo Medley
Destruction , 263 Dead Popes
Street , 2D Universe
Aeon Bridge & DigitalSquirrel , 2DHumanity vs. DigitalSquirrel Guitar Battle
Aeon Bridge & Dylan Meldrum , 2DHumanity vs. Dillski Guitar Battle
Ryo Nagamatsu , 3DS Piranha Plant Slide
Queens Of The Stone Age , 3’s & 7’s
Bullet for My Valentine , 4 Words (To Choke Upon)
Gorillaz , 5/4
Fuad Monster , 5th Anniversary
Gorillaz , 68 State
Adam Neely , 7:11
Beneath The Sky , 7861
Virtual Self , a.i.ngel (Become God)
Anthrax , A.I.R.
Bumblefoot , Abnormal
Thrice , The Abolition of Man
Nirvana , About a Girl (Unplugged Live)
AngelMaker , Abysmal
Divine Realm , Abyssal Light
Mayhem , Ace of Spades (Motorhead Cover)
Liquid Tension Experiment , Acid Rain (Live)
Angel Vivaldi , Acid Reign
Don Broco , Actors
Angel Vivaldi , Adenosine
Angel Vivaldi , Adrenaline (feat. Julian Cifuentes)
Nobuo Uematsu , Advent: One-Winged Angel – ACC Long Version
Aeon Bridge & Chaotrope , Aeon Bridge vs. Chaotrope
Area 11 , After the Flags
Joscho Stephan , After You’ve Gone
John Pizzarelli Trio , After You’ve Gone (Live)
Todd Duane , Afunkadiddle
The Enemy , Aggro
Rhapsody of Fire , Agony Is My Name
Alhambra , Alhambra Solo Medley
The Kinks (WaveGroup) , All Day and All of the Night
Judas Priest , All Guns Blazing
Machinae Supremacy , All of My Angels
Mott the Hoople (WaveGroup) , All the Young Dudes
Aeon Bridge , Allegro Inizio
Luck Won’t Save You , Alone In Reverie
Annihilator , Altering the Altar
Lenny Kravitz (Featuring Slash) , Always On The Run
Santana , American Gypsy
The Guess Who , American Woman
Gravemind , Anaesthesia
The Sex Pistols , Anarchy In The UK
Alterbeast , Ancient’s Retribution
No Bragging Rights , And They Threatened Us With Fire
Mastodon , Andromeda
Gorillaz , Andromeda (feat. D.R.A.M.)
Area 11 , Angel Lust
Galneryus , Angel of Salvation
Incubus , Anna Molly
Pink Floyd , Another Brick in the Wall (Part I)
Pink Floyd , Another Brick in the Wall (Part III)/Goodbye Cruel World
Mintorment & Siavash , Anti Hero 2: Intro
Various Artists , Anti Hero Community Solo Medley
Various Artists , Anti Hero Megamix 01
Anti Hero Charters , Anti Hero Summer Jam
Various Artists , Anti Hero Team Solo Medley 1
Various Artists , Anti Hero Team Solo Medley 2
Aeon Bridge & Siavash , Anti Hero: Beach Episode – Intro
Various Artists , Anti Hero: Beach Episode Megamix 01
Various Artists , Anti Hero: Beach Episode Megamix 02
Various Artists , Anti Hero: Beach Episode Megamix 03
Various Artists , Anti Hero: Beach Episode Megamix 04
Various Artists , Anti Hero: Beach Episode Megamix 05
Various Artists , Anti Hero: Beach Episode Megamix 06
Various Artists , Anti Hero: Beach Episode Megamix 07
God Forbid , Antihero
Aeon Bridge , The Antimatter Sword (ft. Siavash, Chaotrope, Sygenysis, Way)
Trust , Antisocial
Adam Nitti , Antisocialmedia
Impending Doom , Anything Goes
Miss May I , Apologies Are for the Weak
Allegaeon , Apoptosis
Lenny Kravitz , Are You Gonna Go My Way
Animals as Leaders , Arithmophobia
Fire Within , Artificial Perception
Until We Die , As Fear Became Reality
Trivium , As I Am Exploding
Trivium , Ascendancy
Trivium , Ascendancy Solo Medley
Gorillaz , Ascension (feat. Vince Staples)
Orden Ogan , Ashen Rain
Conquering Dystopia , Ashes of Lesser Men
Muse , Assassin
RichaadEB , At Doom’s Gate (E1M1) (Mick Gordon cover)
Trivium , At the End of This War
Black Tora , Attack
KMNZ , Augmentation (feat. Moe Shop)
SikTh , The Aura
Arch Echo , Aurora
Heroes Del Silencio , Avalancha
Noctura , Ave Verum
50 Cent , Ayo Technology (feat. Justin Timberlake)
System of a Down , B.Y.O.B.
EndeverafteR , Baby Baby Baby
Aerosmith , Back In The Saddle
Arch Enemy , Back to Back (Pretty Maids Cover)
Megadeth , Bad Omen
Fear of Domination , The Bad Touch (Bloodhound Gang cover)
Paul McCartney & Wings , Band on the Run
FamilyJules , Banjo Kazooie Final Battle (feat. Grant Kirkhope)
Aeon Bridge , The Bard’s Reprisal
Aeon Bridge , The Bard’s Reprisal Solo Medley
Aeon Bridge , The Bard’s Return
Heart , Barracuda
Shadow of Intent , Barren and Breathless Macrocosm (feat. Trevor Strnad)
From the Shallows , Battle Axe
Five Finger Death Punch , Battle Born
Helloween , Battle’s Won
Michael Jackson , Beat It
311 , Beautiful Disaster
Kevin Sherwood , Beauty of Annihilation (Ft. Elena Siegman)
T-Square , Because
LORD , Because We Can
Pronostic , Becik
Trivium , Becoming The Dragon
Slipknot , Before I Forget
Moses and Silvia Orlandi , Believe It
Intervals , Belvedere
Hannah Montana , Best of Both Worlds
Irreversible Mechanism , The Betrayer of Time
Aerosmith , Beyond Beautiful
Aerosmith , Beyond Beautiful (Co-op)
Blind Guardian , Beyond the Ice
Christian Muenzner , Beyond the Wall of Sleep
Christian Muenzner , Beyond the Wall of Sleep Solo Medley
Kenta Nagata , Big Blue
The Eleventh House , Birdfingers
Lost Society , Bitch, Out’ My Way
Mekong Delta , Black Betty (Ram Jam Cover)
otetsu , Black Gold (feat. Megurine Luka)
Insomnium , Black Heart Rebellion
Santana , Black Magic Woman
Fit for an Autopsy , Black Mammoth
Alestorm , Black Sails at Midnight
Sonata Arctica , Black Sheep
White Zombie , Black Sunshine
Kalmah , The Blind Leader
Trivium , Blinding Tears Will Break the Skies
Shokran , The Blood & Creatures from the Mud
Texas In July , Bloodwork
ToxicxEternity , Bloody Tears (Castlevania cover)
Arch Echo , Bloom
Thank You Scientist , Blue Automatic
Destiny Potato , Blue Sun
Pocket Size Universe , Blue Sun
“Weird Al” Yankovic , Bob
Arch Echo , Bocksuvfun
Exodus , Bonded by Banjo
Naoko Mitome & Chika Sekigawa , Bonechill Battle
Shiho Fujii , Bone-Dry Dunes
Dangerous Toys , Bones in the Gutter
Angel Dust , Border of Reality
Blink-182 , Bottom Of The Ocean
Atsuko Asahi , Bowser’s Castle
Pink Floyd , Brain Damage
Pink Floyd , Brain Damage/Eclipse
Trivium , Brave This Storm
Darkwater , Breathe
The Acacia Strain , Bridgepainter
Aerosmith , Bright Light Fright
Starset , Bringing It Down
Lemon Demon , BRODYQUEST
Texas In July , Broken Soul
Toshiyuki Kishi, Hiromi Mizutani, Kenji Katoh, Reno , Broly Theme
Rage Against The Machine , Bulls On Parade
Soft Machine , Bundles
Jacky Vincent , Burning Tears (ft. Dario Lorina)
Haunt , Burst into Flame
Jared Dines , But Does It Djent?
Rusty Cooley , The Butcher
PaRaLLaXe , BWV Fantaisie
Sonata Arctica , The Cage
Caligula’s Horse , Caligula’s Horse Solo Medley
Wild Dogs , Call of the Dark
Exodus , Call to Arms / Riot Act
Senses Fail , Can’t Be Saved
Krewella , Can’t Control Myself
Paramore , Careful
Fall Out Boy , The Carpal Tunnel of Love
Andy Timmons , Carpe Diem
glue70 , Casin
Ted Nugent , Cat Scratch Fever
The Black Dahlia Murder , Catacomb Hecatomb
Final Assault , Catastrophic Horrors
The Acacia Strain , Cauterizer
Knife Party , Centipede
SikTh , Century of the Narcissist?
Fallujah , Cerebral Hybridization
Protest the Hero , C’est La Vie
Galneryus , Chain of Distress
Buckethead , The Chambers
The Fall Of Troy , Chapter II – A Strange Conversation
Final Assault , Chemical Sin
The Smashing Pumpkins , Cherub Rock
Various Artists , Chezy’s “Best-of” Solo Medley
Chaotrope , Chiasm 2018
Annihilator , Chicken and Corn
Edguy , Children of Steel
Foreign Objects , Chip in the Brain
Richard Cheese , Chop Suey! (System of a Down cover)
Stormtroopers of Death , Chromatic Death
Dance Gavin Dance , Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise
Sonata Arctica , Cinderblox
Marc-André Hamelin , Circus Galop
Blue Oyster Cult , Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll
The Black Mages , Clash on the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy V)
Myrone , Clear Eyes Clear Skies
Eric Johnson , Cliffs Of Dover
Within the Ruins , Clockwork
Before Their Eyes , Close Your Eyes, It’s Okay To Rest Now
Lacuna Coil , Closer
Seatbelts , Clutch
Thin Lizzy , Cold Sweat
Insomnium , Collapsing Words
Destrage , Collateral Pleasure
Akira Sora , Columpio
Aerosmith , Combination
Orden Ogan , Come With Me to the Other Side
Pink Floyd , Comfortably Numb
Steel Panther , Community Property
The Clash , Complete Control
Cacophony , Concerto
Thousand Sun Sky , The Condemner
Interloper , The Conjuration (feat. Lucas Mann)
Megadeth , The Conjuring
Sentinels , Consequent Aversion (feat. Jake Wolf of Reflections)
Fleshgod Apocalypse , Conspiracy of Silence
Cain’s Offering , Constellation of Tears
Haywyre , Contagious
Area 11 , The Contract
SikTh , Cracks of Light (feat. Spencer Sotelo)
Josh Mancell , Crash Bandicoot 2 Special Stage Medley
Ozzy Osbourne , Crazy Train
ACE+ , Crisis
Slaughter to Prevail , Crowned & Conquered (feat. Lucas Mann)
Nightwish , Crownless
Savage , Cry Wolf
Living Colour , Cult of Personality
Paul Gilbert , The Curse of Castle Dragon
HIDDEN MACHINE , Cut (feat. Lucas Mann)
Rough Cutt , Cutt Your Heart Out
Blink-182 , Dammit (Growing Up)
Architects , Damnation
Europe , Dance the Night Away
August Burns Red , Dangerous
Gorillaz , DARE
Vengeance , Dark Side
Machine Head , Darkness Within
Cain’s Offering , Dawn of Solace
Arch Echo , Daybreak
Megahammer , The Deal is Sealed (feat. Flash Arnold)
Vulfpeck , Dean Town (Live) (feat. Chris Thile)
Crisix , Death by the Fistful of Violence
Architects , Death Is Not Defeat
Thy Art Is Murder , Death Perception
Parkway Drive , A Deathless Song
The Black Dahlia Murder , Deathmask Divine
Texas In July , Decamilli
Trivium , The Deceived
Trivium , Declaration
Paramore , Decode
Exivious , Deeply Woven
Texas In July , Defenseless
Brand New , Degausser
A Night In The Abyss , Deicide
Som2 , Déjà Vu (Pump It Up cut) [MODCHART] The Acacia Strain , Delusionalisphere
The Police , Demolition Man (Live)
Trivium , Demon
Christian Muenzner , Demon’s Gate
Trivium , Departure
Firewind , The Departure / Heading for the Dawn
Anubis Gate , Desiderio Omnibus
Hiromi , Desire
Rings of Saturn , Desolate Paradise
Barnabas , Destroy After Use
Scar Symmetry , Detach from the Outcome
The Zenith Passage , Deus Deceptor
Megadeth , Devils Island
Dr. Mastermind , Devil’s Throne
David Wise , Diddy Kong Racing Theme
Noel Pix , Die Legende
Foreign Objects , Direct Contact With the Dead
Greg Howe , Direct Injection
Megadeth , The Disintegrators
Car Bomb , Dissect Yourself
Slayer , Dittohead
HIDDEN MACHINE , Dive (feat. ichika)
Stevie T , DJENsTrumental
Steely Dan , Do It Again
Pink Floyd , Dogs
Pink Floyd , The Dogs of War
Louis Cole , Doing the Things
Scott Henderson , Dolemite
Atsuko Asahi , Dolphin Shoals
Queen , Don`t Stop Me Now
Jaco Pastorius , Donna Lee
Foreign Objects , Don’t Ask
Godsplague , Don’t Come Back
Red Hot Chili Peppers , Don’t Forget Me (Live)
The Sleeping , Don’t Hold Back
Pink Floyd , Don’t Leave Me Now
Architects , Doomsday
Angel Vivaldi , Dopamine (feat. Oli Herbert)
xi , Double Helix
Point Point , doubleOreo (San Holo Remix)
Electric Six , Down At McDonnelzzz
Orden Ogan , Down Here (Wanted: Dead or Alive)
L.A. Slum Lords , Down N’ Dirty
Atsuko Asahi , Dragon Driftway
Symphonia Melonia , Dragonforce
Aerosmith , Draw the Line
Area 11 , Dream and Reality
Aerosmith , Dream On
Cheap Trick , Dream Police
Caligula’s Horse , Dream the Dead
Isamu Ohira , The Drift Of Air Ver. 2
Counterparts , Drown
Trivium , Drowned and Torn Asunder
C418 , Dry Hands
Rusty Cooley , The Duel
Transition , Dui Bu Qi Wo De Zhong Wen Bu Hao
Trivium , Dying in Your Arms
Architects , Dying to Heal
Vektor , Dying World
Scorpions , Dynamite
Teminite , Earthquake
Predator , Easy Prey
Pink Floyd , Echoes
Thousand Sun Sky , Echoes From Time’s Passing
Thousand Sun Sky , The Edge of Reason
Benten-Maru , The Edge of Soul
Hechizeros Band , El Sonidito
Testament , Electric Crown
sungazer , Electro
Jason Becker , Eleven Blue Egyptians
Pink Floyd , Empty Spaces
Thousand Sun Sky , Enact the Ending
Thousand Sun Sky , Enact the Ending
Trivium , The End of Everything / Rain
Gary Moore , End of the World (Live)
Sonata Arctica , The End of This Chapter
Angel Vivaldi , Endorphin
Celldweller & Atlas Plug , Enter the Battletoad
Insomnium , Ephemeral
Jose del Rio , Epic Dramatic (feat. Vitalij Kuprij)
Crownear , Epos of Shit
Taking Back Sunday , Error: Operator
Radio Futura , Escuela de Calor
Into Eternity , Eternal
Mintorment , Eternal Presence
Conducting from the Grave , Eternally Gutted
Darkest Hour , An Ethereal Drain
Aeon Bridge , Etude No. 1
Pearl Jam , Even Flow
Aeon Bridge , Event Horizon
Foo Fighters , Everlong
DragonForce , Evil Dead (Death cover)
Dr. Mastermind , Evil Seed
Christian Muenzner , Evil Spell (The Book of Belial)
Shiho Fujii , Excitebike Arena
RichaadEB , Exodus
Audioslave , Exploder
Survivor , Eye of the Tiger
Unearth , Eyes of Black
The Fall Of Troy , F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.
Space Eater , FAA
Disturbed , Façade
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus , Face Down
Orden Ogan , The Face of Silence
Galneryus , Face to the Real
Linkin Park , Faint
Sonata Arctica , False News Travel Fast
Strapping Young Lad , Far Beyond Metal (feat. Oderus Urungus)
Little Big , Faradenza
Andy Timmons , Farmer Sez
Jacky Vincent , Fatal Envy
Within the Ruins , Feast or Famine
The Contortionist , Feedback Loop
Chris Brooks , Feeding the Myth (feat. Rick Graham)
Dinosaur Jr. , Feel the Pain
onoken , felys
Necrophagist , Fermented Offal Discharge
Joe Maphis , Fiddlin’ on the Guitar
Orden Ogan , Fields of Sorrow
Cardiacs , Fiery Gun Hand
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention , Fifty-Fifty
Nanowar of Steel , Fight the Dragon for the Village
Silent Knight , The Final Countdown (Europe Cover)
Buckethead , Final Wars
Orden Ogan , Finis Coronat Opus
Various Artists , Finnish Metal Solo Medley
Black Label Society , Fire It Up
Parasite Inc. , Fire the Machines + Back For War
Guthrie Govan , Fives
Kero Kero Bonito , Flamingo
Lorna Shore , Flesh Coffin
Sybreed , Flesh Doll for Sale
Jose del Rio , Flight of the Bumblebee
Modest Mouse , Float On
BRADIO , Flyers
Earl Scruggs , Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Misha Mansoor , Follow in Flight
Roxxcalibur , Fool’s Gold (Virtue Cover)
Galneryus , The Force of Courage
Orden Ogan , Forlorn and Forsaken
As I Lay Dying , Forsaken
Protest the Hero , Fortress Medley
Jason Richardson , Fragments (feat. Lukas Magyar & Mark Holcomb)
Korn , Freak on a Leash
Nitro , Freight Train
Ron Jarzombek , Frenetically Inconsistent Velocities Entwined
cute girls doing cute things , Friends
Autopsy , Fuck You!!!
Kane Roberts , Full Pull
Naoshi Mizuta , Full Speed Ahead (Final Fantasy XIII-2)
Mike Orlando , Full Speed X (feat. Michael Romeo)
Titanium , Fullmoon (Sonata Arctica cover)
Angel Vivaldi , G.A.B.A
Foreign Objects , Galactic Prey
Sinergy , Gallowmere
Tygers of Pan Tang , Gangland
Eat My Fuck , Gaytar Hero
Yasuaki Iwata , GBA Mario Circuit
Atsuko Asahi , GCN Yoshi Circuit
Brian Kahanek , Gemini
Dispatch , The General
Revolverheld , Generation Rock
Blink-182 , Generational Divide
Risk , Germans
AFI , Get Dark
Polkadot Cadaver , Get Possessed
Paul Bazooka , Ghost in the Machine
Derek Sherinian , Ghost Runner
Parkway Drive , Gimme A D
ABBA , Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
DragonForce , Give Me the Night
Animals as Leaders , The Glass Bridge
Avatar , Glory to Our King / Legend of the King
Bret Michaels Band , Go That Far
Fleetwood Mac , Go Your Own Way
The Johnson Mountain Boys , Going to Georgia (Live)
SikTh , Golden Cufflinks
Little Tybee , Golden Delilah
The Mars Volta , Goliath
Anouk , Good God
Megadeth , Good Mourning/Black Friday
t+pazolite , Good Night, Bad Luck.
Ripe , Goon Squad
Powerglove , Gotta Catch ‘Em All (Jason Paige cover feat. Tony Kakko)
The Acacia Strain , Graveyard Shift
Morgan Wick , Gravity Well
Kiko Loureiro , Gray Stone Gateway
Pink Floyd , The Great Gig in the Sky
Silverchair , The Greatest View
Desolace , Green
Christian Muenzner , The Green Traveller
Thank You Scientist , Grin
Joe Perry , Guitar Battle vs. Joe Perry
Joe Perry , Guitar Battle vs. Joe Perry (Career)
Joe Perry , Guitar Battle vs. Joe Perry (Co-op)
ReinXeed , Guitar Hero
Orden Ogan , Gunman
Orden Ogan , Gunmen Solo Medley
Trivium , A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
Koji Kondo , Gusty Garden Galaxy
Cris Velasco , Haderax the Invincible
Avatar , Hail the Apocalypse
Beatsteaks , Hail to the Freaks
Pink Floyd , The Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)
The Black Crowes (Steve Ouimette) , Hard To Handle
403 Forbiddena , Hate
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones , Hava Nagila
Pink Floyd , Have A Cigar
Mekong Delta , The Healer
Vale Of Pnath , Heart Of Darkness
Pat Benatar , Heartbreaker
Jacky Vincent , Heaven or Hell? (ft. Paul Gilbert)
Bloc Party , Helicopter
Phinehas , Hell Below
Architects , Hereafter
DragonForce , Heroes of Our Time
Filter , Hey Man, Nice Shot
QT , Hey QT
Pink Floyd , Hey You
Die Toten Hosen , Hier Kommt Alex
Demetori , Higan Servant ~ One Conclusion
Hiromi , Hiromi Solo Medley
Pat Benatar , Hit Me with Your Best Shot
Lamb of God , Hit the Wall
Galneryus , Holding the Broken Wings
Royal Blood , Hole in Your Heart
Dead Kennedys , Holiday In Cambodia
Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band , Hollywood Nights
Guthrie Govan , Hollywood Woman
Architects , Holy Hell
Architects , Holy Hell Riff Medley
The Acacia Strain , Holy Walls of the Vatican
The Dillinger Escape Plan , Honeysuckle
Mike Orlando , Horizons
Baroness , A Horse Called Golgotha
Foreign Objects , A Host to Suicitis
Danny Baranowsky , Hot Damned
Van Halen , Hot for Teacher
Steeler , Hot On Your Heels
Eagles , Hotel California
The Acacia Strain , Human Disaster
Utsu-P , Human Error (feat. Sekihan)
Erra , Hybrid Earth
Atsuko Asahi , Hyrule Circuit
Kendrick Lamar , i
ichika , I (feat. Enon Kawatani)
Megadeth , I Ain’t Superstitious (Willie Dixon cover)
Fraser Edwards , I Am God (feat. PelleK)
Shylmagoghnar , I Am the Abyss
Hot Dad , I Am the Chowder Man
Jacky Vincent , I Can Never Go Home (Reprise)
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts , I Hate Myself For Loving You
Vardis , I Wanna Be a Guitar Hero (Just for You)
Billy Ray Cyrus , I Want My Mullet Back
$uicideboy$ , I Want to Believe
Bad Religion , I Want to Conquer the World
Aeon Bridge , Ice Giants
Joe Satriani , If I Could Fly
Tim Minchin , If I Didn’t Have You (Live)
Kero Kero Bonito , If I’d Known
Jacky Vincent , If You Were Mine
Texas In July , Illuminate
The Hellacopters , I’m In The Band
Anthrax , I’m the Man
Bloodshot Dawn , The Image Faded
Busdriver , Imaginary Places
Arch Echo , Immediate Results!
Rings of Saturn , Immemorial Essence
An Endless Sporadic , Impulse
Scouts Of St. Sebastian , In Love
Gallows , In The Belly Of A Shark
Pink Floyd , In the Flesh
Pink Floyd , In the Flesh?
Bloodshot Dawn , Inadequacy
Kairiki Bear , Inaiinai Izonshou (feat. GUMI & Kagamine Rin)
Trivium , Incineration: The Broken World
Daisuke Kurosawa , Infinite Rebellion
Texas In July , Inner Demons
Persefone , Inner Fullness
Sky For Sinners , Inner Vision
Mintorment , Innocent Skies
Panic! at the Disco , Intermission
Starset , Into The Unknown
Arch Echo , Iris
Pink Floyd , Is There Anybody Out There?
Alter Bridge , Isolation
Marc Rizzo , Isosceles
David Lee Roth , It’s Showtime!
Various Artists , John McLaughlin Solo Medley
Steve Miller Band , The Joker
Aeon Bridge , Jupiter…The Asteroid Belt
Shawn Lane , Kaiser Nancarrow
The Aristocrats , The Kentucky Meat Shower
MC5’s Wayne Kramer , Kick Out the Jams
Mötley Crüe , Kickstart My Heart (Dance with the Dead Remix)
Gorillaz , Kids with Guns
30 Seconds to Mars , The Kill
Spite , Kill or Be Killed
Run-D.M.C. , King of Rock
Aerosmith , Kings and Queens
Children of Bodom , Kissing the Shadows
Muse , Knights Of Cydonia
Rage Against The Machine , Know Your Enemy (feat. Maynard James Keenan)
Plini , Ko Ki
Sonic Youth , Kool Thing
Agonoize , Koprolalie
Nogizaka46 , Koumori Yo
Maximum the Hormone , Kuso Breakin’ Nō Breakin’ Lily
Los Lobos , La Bamba
Bill Wurtz , La de Da de Da de Da de Day Oh
ZZ Top , La Grange
Crimson Glory , Lady of Winter
Sonata Arctica , Land of the Free
“Weird Al” Yankovic , Lasagna
Blind Guardian , The Last Candle
Disfigured Elegance , The Last Disease
Sonata Arctica , Last Drop Falls
Priestess , Lay Down
Silversun Pickups , Lazy Eye
John 5 , The Lead Sprinkler
AngelMaker , Leech
Day of Reckoning , Left to Follow
Area 11 , The Legendary Sannin
Aerosmith , Let the Music Do the Talking
Area 11 , The Life of a Ghost
Shoji Meguro , Life Will Change (feat. Lyn)
Shadows Fall , The Light That Blinds
Trivium , Like Light to Flies
courtemanche437 , A Literal Bleep Bloop
Bon Jovi , Livin’ on a Prayer
Aerosmith , Livin’ on the Edge
Scott Mishoe , Lizzards
Caravan Palace , Lone Digger
System of a Down , Lonely Day
Adrenaline Mob , Lords of Thunder
Insomnium , Lose To Night
Trivium , Losing My Religion (R.E.M Cover)
Impellitteri , Lost in the Rain
Afterglow , Lost One no Goukoku (Neru cover)
Celldweller , Louder Than Words
Aerosmith , Love in an Elevator
I Legion , Love Is a Battlefield (Pat Benatar cover feat. Björn Strid)
The Doors , Love Me Two Times
The Cult , Love Removal Machine
Joe Jonas , Love Slayer [F-777 ReMiX] The Stone Roses , Love Spreads
Moon Hooch , Low 5
Polaris , Lucid
Shiho Fujii , Lunar Colony
The Mars Volta , L’Via L’Viaquez
Final Assault , M.G. III
Waterparks , Made in America
Schmutz06 , Madness March Kamikaze 2
Tut Tut Child , Maelstrom
Magnum Opus , Magnum Opus Solo Medley
Kero Kero Bonito , Make Believe
Aerosmith , Make It
Aerosmith , Mama Kin
Wild Dogs , Man Against Machine
Vengeance , Man Made Murderer
Dance Gavin Dance , Man of the Year
Say Anything , Mara and Me
Inferi , Marching Through The Flames Of Tyranny
Rings of Saturn , Margidda
Periphery , Marigold
At the Throne of Judgment , Mariner’s Cutlass
Shiho Fujii , Mario Circuit
Yasuaki Iwata , Mario Kart Stadium
Aeon Bridge , Mars
Senses Fail , The Martyr
Tenacious D , Master Exploder
Death Ohagi , Master of Puppets (feat. Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka)
Trivium , Master of Puppets (Metallica cover)
Naast , Mauvais Garcon
Jacky Vincent , Maybe I Am a Wolf
Artificial Language , Mazes
Hino Isuka , Mechanical Syndrome
SikTh , The Medley in Whose Eyes?
Foreign Objects , Megadextria
Mekong Delta , Mekong Delta Solo Medley
Joe Perry , Mercy
Tenacious D , The Metal
Wild Dogs , Metal Fuel (in the Blood)
Lions , Metal Heavy Lady
Exmortus , Metal Is King
Jimmy Eat World , The Middle
The Pretenders , Middle of the Road
Kazumi Totaka , Mii Channel
Mike Orlando , Mike Orlando Solo Medley
Mike Orlando , Mike Orlando Solo Medley 2: The Empire Mikes Back
Periphery , Mile Zero
Electronic Boutique , Miles
HORSE the band , A Million Exploding Suns
Ryu☆ , Mind Mapping [MODCHART] Shores Of Elysium , Mindsculpt
Depths of Hatred , Ministry of Deceit
Backyard Babies , Minus Celsius
Paramore , Misery Business
AFI , Miss Murder
Alhambra , Missing You
Mountain , Mississippi Queen
Knocked Loose , Mistakes Like Fractures
Chimp Spanner , Mobius (Part III)
Architects , Modern Misery
Pink Floyd , Money
Tokio Hotel , Monsoon
Matchbook Romance , Monsters
Randy Newman , Monsters, Inc.
Masahiro Andoh , Moon Over the Castle
Aeon Bridge , Moonlight Prelude
Aeon Bridge , Moonlight Sonata, 3rd Movement
Architects , Mortal After All
Pink Floyd , Mother
Jane’s Addiction , Mountain Song
Vektor , Mountains Above the Sun / Ultimate Artificer
Christian Muenzner , Mountains of Madness
Junior Senior , Move Your Feet
Aerosmith , Movin’ Out
Ozzy Osbourne , Mr. Crowley
Thank You Scientist , Mr. Invisble
S3RL , MTC (feat. Jodie)
Arch Echo , Mukduk
Ryo Nagamatsu , Mute City
Evergrey , My Allied Ocean
Killswitch Engage , My Curse
Phinehas , My Horses Are Many
Holy Grail , My Last Attack
Megadeth , My Last Words
Weezer , My Name Is Jonas
Jose Feliciano , Mystery Train
Orden Ogan , Mystic Symphony
Yasuaki Iwata , N64 Royal Raceway
The Acacia Strain , Nailgun
Area 11 , Nebula
Jacky Vincent , Neo Concerto
braven , NEOLOGISM
Scandroid , Neo-Tokyo (Dance with the Dead Remix)
The Answer , Never Too Late
Textures , New Horizons
Pink Floyd , A New Machine, Pt.1/Terminal Frost/A New Machine, Pt. 2
Closure in Moscow , A Night at the Spleen
RichaadEB , Night of Fire (Niko cover feat. SixteenInMono, Caleb Hyles, FamilyJules, 331erock)
beatMARIO , Night of Nights
Christian Muenzner , Nightlife
Hellions , Nightliner Rhapsody
Lost Society , No Absolution
Brandon Ellis , No Escape
Trivium , No Hope for the Human Race
Beastie Boys ft. Kerry King , No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Aerosmith , No Suprize
Aerosmith , No Suprize (Co-op)
Magnitude 9 , No Turning Back
Trivium , No Way To Heal
SikTh , No Wishbones
Pink Floyd , Nobody Home
Aerosmith , Nobody’s Fault
Hannah Montana , Nobody’s Perfect
The Human Abstract , Nocturne
Texas In July , Nooses
Angel Vivaldi , Noradrenaline/Synapse
Nornsaga , Norns Horns, the Guitar Jingle
Into Eternity , Nothing (feat. Collin Craig)
Dope , Nothing For Me Here
Buckethead , Nottingham Lace
Thousand Sun Sky , Nova/Helios
Keep of Kalessin , Novae Ruptis
Gorillaz , November Has Come
Into Eternity , Novus Inceptum / Severe Emotional Distress
Iron Maiden , The Number Of The Beast
Killswitch Engage , Numbered Days
Negramaro , Nuvole e Lenzuola
Between the Buried and Me , Obfuscation
Mastodon , Oblivion
The Raven Autarchy , The Obscene Deliverance
The Acacia Strain , Observer
Interpol , Obstacle 1
Jane’s Addiction , Ocean Size
Atlantis Chronicles , The Odysseus
Ordinance , Of the Fatherland
Pentakill , Ohmwrecker
Seth Everman , old town road, but played on my synth
Beyond Creation , Omnipresent Perception
Foreign Objects , On Course to Collide
Gorillaz , On Melancholy Hill
Willie Nelson , On the Road Again (Live)
Wolf and Raven , On the Run
Pink Floyd , On the Turning Away
Metallica , One
Periphery , One (Metallica cover)
Sable , One and Only
Ben Folds Five , One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces
At the Drive-In , One Armed Scissor
R.E.M. , The One I Love
Orden Ogan , One Last Chance
James LaBrie , One More Time
Pink Floyd , One of My Turns
And Hell Followed With , One Of The Swarm
Pink Floyd , One Slip
Blondie , One Way or Another
Jamie Christopherson , The Only Thing I Know For Real (Maniac Agenda Mix)
Aeon Bridge , The Onyx Boundary
Vitalij Kuprij , Opus 1 (Theme by Paganini)
The Contortionist , Oscillator
Lacuna Coil , Our Truth
Into Eternity , Out
Insomnium , Out to the Sea
Pink Floyd , Outside the Wall
Motorhead , Overkill
Area 11 , Override [B] Area 11 , Override [C] Angel Vivaldi , Oxytocin (feat. Gus G)
Cattle Decapitation , Pacific Grim
Sum 41 , Pain for Pleasure
Into Eternity , Pain Through Breathing
The Rolling Stones , Paint It Black
Ne Obliviscaris , Painters of the Tempest (Part II): Triptych Lux
Aesthetic Perfection , Pale
Matt Land , Pamela
Area 11 , Panacea and the Prelogue
Aerosmith , Pandora’s Box
Tool , Parabola
Into Eternity , Paralyzed
Black Sabbath , Paranoid
Fishbone , Party at Ground Zero
Into Eternity , A Past Beyond Memory
Apocalyptica , Path
Scar Symmetry , The Path of Least Resistance
Rob Scallon & Sarah Longfield , Payback (Slayer cover)
Megadeth , Peace Sells
Megadeth , Peace Sells Solo Medley… but Who’s Buying?
New York Dolls (Steve Ouimette) , Personality Crisis
Pink Floyd , Pigs
Pink Floyd , Pigs (Three Different Ones)
Pink Floyd , Pigs on the Wing (8-Track)
Pink Floyd , Pigs on the Wing (Part One)
Pink Floyd , Pigs on the Wing (Part Two)
Pink Floyd , A Pillow of Winds
Aerosmith , Pink
Christian Muenzner , The Pit and the Pendulum
KNOWER , Pizza
As I Lay Dying , The Plague
Ark Storm , Play for You
Chimaira , Pleasure in Pain
Maxo , Plushlined
Aeon Bridge , Plutonian Overture
Pantera , Power Metal
Sonata Arctica , The Power of One
Rise Against , Prayer Of The Refugee
Red Fang , Prehistoric Dog
Joe Stump , Prelude / Speed Metal Messiah
Galneryus , Premonition
The Sex Pistols , Pretty Vacant
Stevie Ray Vaughan , Pride & Joy
Insomnium , The Primeval Dark
Tankard , The Prisoner (Iron Maiden cover)
The Living End , Prisoner of Society
All Shall Perish , Procession of Ashes
Area 11 , Processor
Insomnium , The Promethean Song
Heavy Metal Ninjas , Propulsion, Pts. 1&2: Abduction
Texas In July , Pseudo Self
Wild Dogs , Psychoradio
Todd Duane , Psychotic Ward
Trivium , Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr
Dream Theater , Pull Me Under
Satan , Pull the Trigger
The Black Eyed Peas , Pump It
Scanner , Puppet on a String (feat. Ralf Scheepers)
SHIKI , Pure Ruby (Ver.Cristierra)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience , Purple Haze (Live at San Diego)
Camellia , Quaoar
Nuke , The Queen
System of a Down , Question!
M2U , Quo Vadis
Ekali & 1788-L , R U I N
i built the sky , Radiatus (feat. Stephen Taranto)
Superbus , Radio Song
Aerosmith , Rag Doll
Galneryus , Rain of Tears
Shiho Fujii , Rainbow Road
Slayer , Raining Blood
Galneryus , Raise My Sword
The Allman Brothers Band , Ramblin’ Man
Pentakill , Rapid Firecannon
Aerosmith , Rats in the Cellar
Aerosmith , Rats in the Cellar (Co-op)
Bumblefoot , Raygun
Bumblefoot , Real
Billy Idol , Rebel Yell
The Black Dahlia Murder , Receipt
Thousand Sun Sky , Reclaimers (feat. Aeon Bridge)
Sunless Rise , Recovering the Truth
Sidney600 , Recurrence
Area 11 , Red Queen
ArchWk , Red Shift
Rise Against , Re-Education (Through Labor)
Throne Of The Beheaded , Reformation (feat. Aleksander Abdulov)
Wild Dogs , Reign of Terror
Rings of Saturn , The Relic
The Strokes , Reptilia
As Blood Runs Black , Resist
Sabaton , Resist and Bite
Sonata Arctica , Respect the Wilderness
Chimaira , Resurrection
Aborted , Retrogore
Insomnium , Revelation
Sonata Arctica , Revontulet
Galneryus , Reward for Betrayal
Jonas Hellborg, Lane, Sipe , Rice with the Angels
SikTh , Riddles of Humanity
SikTh , Ride the Illusion
Ace , Rider of the Sky
Eric Johnson , Righteous
Hirokazu Ando & Jun Ishikawa , Ripple Star
David Maxim Micic , Rise and Shine (ft. Jakub Zytechi)
Yoshida Brothers , Rising
Insomnium , The River
Nevermore , The River Dragon Has Come
Kiss , Rock & Roll All Nite
Tokyo Machine , ROCK IT
Josh Mancell , Rock It, Pack Attack
The Brian Setzer Orchestra , Rock This Town
Scorpions , Rock You Like A Hurricane
Fastway , Rockin’ Hardcore (Extended Mix)
Gorillaz , Rockit
Dirty Loops , Roller Coaster (Justin Bieber cover)
Parkway Drive , Romance Is Dead
Buckethead , Romero One Mind Any Weapon
Lostprophets , Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
Toto , Rosanna
St4bility , Roses
Architects , Royal Beggars
Kaiser Chiefs , Ruby
Bayside , Rumspringa (Return to Heartbreak Road)
Pink Floyd , Run Like Hell
Jacky Vincent , Runaway Tryst
Amon Amarth , Runes to My Memory
Rush , Rush Solo Medley
Beastie Boys , Sabotage
Bo Burnham , Sad
Warmen , Salieri Strikes Back
Aerosmith , Same Old Song & Dance
Sonata Arctica , San Sebastian (Revisited)
Pink Floyd , San Tropez
Thousand Sun Sky , Sanctuary to Scars
Darude , Sandstorm
Sublime , Santeria
Kreator , Satan is Real
Joe Satriani , Satch Boogie
Aeon Bridge , Saturn (feat. Alex Korecky)
Gorillaz , Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan)
Savage Grace , Savage Grace Discography Solo Medley
Joe Stump’s Reign of Terror , Save Me
Ignominious Incarceration , The Saviour
The Lonely Island , Sax Man (feat. Jack Black)
Aeon Bridge , Scars of the Homeworld
Poppy , Scary Mask (feat. FEVER 333)
Into Eternity , The Scattering of Ashes Solo Medley
Tool , Schism
Alice Cooper , School’s Out
Bullet for My Valentine , Scream Aim Fire
Speedealer , Screamer
Tankard , Screamin’ Victims
Final Assault , Sea of Never More
Die From Sorrow , Sea of Rebirth
Pink Floyd , Seamus
Avenged Sevenfold , Second Heartbeat
Oathbreaker , Second Son Of R.
DGM , The Secret (Part 1)
Daysend , See You in My Nightmares
Nevermore , Seed Awakening
The Who , The Seeker
Wagakki Band , Senbonzakura
The Acacia Strain , Send Help
sungazer , Sequence Start
Protest the Hero , Sequoia Throne
Anterior , Seraph
Angel Vivaldi , Serotonin (feat. Nita Strauss)
Angel Vivaldi , Serotonin (feat. Nita Strauss)
Symphony X , Serpent’s Kiss
Jason Becker , Serrana
Architects , The Seventh Circle
Stone Temple Pilots , Sex Type Thing
Perturbator , Sexualizer (feat. Flash Arnold)
Christian Muenzner , Shadow over Innsmouth
Insomnium , Shadows of the Dying Sun
Joe Perry , Shakin’ My Cage
The Stone Roses , She Bangs the Drums
The Cult , She Sells Sanctuary
Pink Floyd , Sheep
Pink Floyd , Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-IX)
Gama Bomb , Shitting Yourself to Live
Coldplay , Shiver
Paladin , Shoot for the Sun
Pink Floyd , The Show Must Go On
Frenzy , Shred or Die
100 Onces , Shredders of the Universe
Shredding the Envelope , Shredding the Envelope (feat. Joe Stump)
Aeon Bridge , Siavash’s Theme
Yes , Siberian Khatru
Wild Dogs , Siberian Vacation
Jacky Vincent , Sidescroller
Pink Floyd , Signs of Life
Sons of Apollo , Signs of the Time
Sonata Arctica , Silence Solo Medley (Revisited)
Sonata Arctica , Sing in Silence
Aeon Bridge , The Singularity Engine
Protest the Hero , Skies
Trivium , Skulls…We Are 138 (Misfits Cover)
At the Gates , Slaughter of the Soul
Foghat , Slow Ride
Toehider , Smash It Out
The Giraffes , Smoke Machine
Haywyre , Smooth Criminal
Atsuko Asahi , SNES Rainbow Road
Oasis , Some Might Say
Sonata Arctica , Sonata Arctica 1999-2000 Solo Medley
Wintersun , Sons of Winter and Stars
NOFX , Soul Doubt
Galneryus , Soul of the Field
ExileLord , Soulless 5
Gorillaz , Sound Check (Gravity)
Pink Floyd , Speak to Me/Breathe
Virtuocity , Speed of Light
Aeon Bridge , Speed of Light (Stratovarius cover)
Rigor Mortis , Speed Whore / Afterbirth of a Midget (S.Y.G.D.P.)
F-777 , Speedbreaker
Reckless Love , Speedin’
Wild Dogs , Spellshock
Secret & Whisper , Spider Besider
No Doubt , Spiderwebs
Persefone , Spirals Within Thy Being
Death , Spirit Crusher
CHON , Splash
Haywyre , Square One
Rolo Tomassi , Stage Knives
Adrenaline Mob , Stand Up and Shout (Dio cover)
Jacky Vincent , Star X Speed
Jacky Vincent , Star X Speed Story Solo Medley
Hear ‘n Aid , Stars
Rainbow , Starstruck
Rainbowdragoneyes , Starvved
Finn M-K , Steamed Hams But It’s A Piano Dub
Arch Echo , Stella
Killswitch Engage , Still Beats Your Name
Black Label Society , Stillborn
Persefone , Stillness Is Timeless
Social Distortion , Story of My Life
Savatage , Strange Reality
Ted Nugent , Stranglehold
i built the sky , Stratiformis (ft. Jake Howsam Lowe)
Wild Dogs , Streets of Berlin
Steve Morse Band , StressFest
Disturbed , Stricken
Trivium , Strife
Cry Venom , Stronger Than Steel (feat. Syu)
Gorillaz , Stylo
Anthrax , Subjugator
Wesley Willis , Suck a Caribou’s Ass
Red Hot Chili Peppers , Suck My Kiss
Trivium , Suffocating Sight
Slipknot , Sulfur
Foreign Objects , Sunset on Saturn
Atsuko Asahi , Sunshine Airport
Cream , Sunshine of Your Love
FamilyJules7x , Super Mario 64 Medley
FamilyJules , Super Mario Bros. Theme (ft. John Petrucci)
The Suburban Vamps , Surf Vamps
Into Eternity , Surrounded by Night
Into Eternity , Suspension of Disbelief
Unearth , The Swarm
Aerosmith , Sweet Emotion
Lynyrd Skynyrd , Sweet Home Alabama (Live)
Shiho Fujii , Sweet Sweet Canyon
Closure in Moscow , Sweet#hart
Texas In July , Sweetest Poison
Angel Vivaldi , Synapse Solo Medley
Job For A Cowboy , The Synthetic Sea
Thousand Sun Sky , A System to End It All
The Acacia Strain , Tactical Nuke
xxdbxx , Taekwonburi
In Flames , Take This Life
The Air I Breathe , Take This to Heart
Christian Muenzner , The Talisman
Poison , Talk Dirty to Me
Joe Perry , Talk Talkin’
Joe Perry , Talk Talkin’ (Co-op)
Sonata Arctica , Tallulah
Racer X , Technical Difficulties
Jacky Vincent , The Tempest
Arch Echo , Tempest
The Helix Nebula , Temple
Lizzo , Tempo (feat. Missy Elliot)
Jason Richardson & Luke Holland , Tendinitis
Final Assault , Terrorist
Exominem , Tetris
Zimmers Hole , That’s How Drunks Drink
La Caution , Thé à la Menthe
Alesana , The Thespian
Cerebellion , Thin Ice
Pink Floyd , The Thin Ice
Lydian Collective , Thirty One
Vortex , Thrash Metal Holocaust
Various Artists , Thrash Metal Solo Medley
Allegaeon , Threshold of Perception
Alterbeast , Throne of Maggots
Trivium , Through Blood and Dirt and Bone
Dawn of Disease , Through Nameless Ages
DragonForce , Through The Fire & Flames
DragonForce , Through The Fire & Flames (Co-op)
Drago Drago Forcito , Through the Fire and the Flamingos
Art Tatum , Tiger Rag
Texas In July , The Tightrope
Pink Floyd , Time
Galneryus , The Time Before Dawn
Hellborg, Lane, Sipe , Time Is the Enemy (Live)
Casiopea , Time Limit (Live)
Hiromi’s Sonicbloom , Time Out (Live)
Into Eternity , Timeless Winter
Alesana , To Be Scared by an Owl
Trivium , To Believe
I Am Abomination , To Our Forefathers Solo Medley
I Am Abomination , To Rebuild
The Smashing Pumpkins , Today
Bob Katsionis , Tomorrow Starts Today
Airbourne , Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
Children of Bodom , Towards Dead End
Shiho Fujii, Ryo Nagamatsu , Tower Boss (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
Stuck in the Sound , Toy Boy
Aerosmith , Toys in the Attic
Jeff Loomis , Tragedy and Harmony (feat. Christine Rhoades)
Aerosmith , Train Kept A Rollin’
Pascal Michael Stiefel , Train Rush
Kero Kero Bonito , Trampoline
Lion , The Transformers (Theme)
Push Over , Transitioning Seamlessly
Metallica , Trapped Under Ice
Pink Floyd , The Trial
DragonForce , Troopers of the Stars
T-Square , Truth
Limp Bizkit , The Truth
Lahmia , The Tunnel
Foreign Objects , Two Tickets to Heaven
Aerosmith , Uncle Salty
The Bravery , Unconditional
Galneryus , Under the Force of Courage Solo Medley
Beyond Flesh , Unearthing the Sentience
Pagan’s Mind , United Alliance
Thousand Sun Sky , The Universe Creation Forgot
Shadows Fall , The Unknown
HIDDEN MACHINE , Unlimited Solo Medley
Celldweller , Unshakeable
Too Close To Touch , Until I Collapse
Johnny Hiland , Until We Meet Again
Creedence Clearwater Revival , Up Around the Bend
Whispered , Upon My Honor
Pink Floyd , Us and Them/Any Colour You Like
Circus Maximus , Used
Beartooth , Used and Abused
Pengus , Valkyrie
The Monkees , Valleri
Orden Ogan , Vampire in Ghost Town
Christian Muenzner , Veil of the Soul
Trivium , Vengeance Falls
Jacky Vincent , Venom Love
Pink Floyd , Vera/Bring the Boys Back Home
Area 11 , Versus
Tool , Vicarious
Scythia , Video Game Medley
Dr. Mastermind , The Villa (Demo)
Trivium , Villainy Thrives
Kent , Vinternoll2
Heavenly , Virus Solo Medley
Abiogenesis , Visualize
AWS , Viszlát Nyár
SikTh , Vivid
Korpiklaani , Vodka
Galneryus , The Voice of Grievous Cry
Vengeance , Voices from Beyond
Texas In July , The Void
Arch Enemy , Vultures
The Acacia Strain , VVorld Demise
Pink Floyd , Waiting for the Worms/Stop
Trivium , Wake (The End Is Nigh)
Megadeth , Wake Up Dead
Shoji Meguro , Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (feat. Lyn)
Aerosmith , Walk This Way
Run-D.M.C. , Walk This Way (Run-D.M.C.)
Aquellex , Wanderflux
DragonForce , War!
Trivium , Washing Away Me in the Tides
Architects , A Wasted Hymn
Final Assault , Wasteland
Area 11 , Watchmaker
Angel Vivaldi & Andy James , Wave of Synergy
Prototype , The Way It Ends
Periphery , The Way the News Goes…
Wild Dogs , We Rule the Night
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club , Weapon of Choice
SikTh , Weavers of Woe
Sonata Arctica , Weballergy
Guns N’ Roses , Welcome To The Jungle
Pink Floyd , Welcome To The Machine
C418 , Wet Hands
The Acacia Strain , Whale Shark
Linkin Park , What I’ve Done
Conducting from the Grave , What Monsters We Have Become 1 & 2
Miyavi , What’s My Name?
The Killers , When You Were Young
Cacophony , Where My Fortune Lies
Insomnium , While We Sleep
Pantera , Whiplash, but Dimebag is singing, and Phil Anselmo shredding (Live)
“Weird Al” Yankovic , White & Nerdy
Gorillaz , White Light
Oath to Order , White Widow
Nicholas Fraser , Why You Always Lying?
Kazumi Totaka , Wii 2 – The First Avenger
Kazumi Totaka , Wii Shop Channel
brentalfloss , Wii Shop Channel With Lyrics
Hail the Sun , Will They Blame Me If You Go Disappearing?
The Jimi Hendrix Experience , The Wind Cries Mary
Pink Floyd , Wish You Were Here
Scale the Summit , Witch House (feat. Angel Vivaldi)
Christian Muenzner , The Witch of Endor
Vengeance , Within the Realm
Jacky Vincent , Without You
Wage War , Witness
Sonata Arctica , Wolf & Raven
Toxik , World Circus
wowaka , World’s End Dancehall (feat. Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka)
Masterplan , Wounds
Edguy , Wrestle the Devil
Strapping Young Lad , Wrong Side
Racer X , Y.R.O.
Arch Echo , You Won’t Believe This Solo Medley
Pink Floyd , Young Lust
Virulent Depravity , Your Demise
HushPuppies , You’re Gonna Say Yeah!
DigitalSquirrel , You’re Out
Yuhkinen , Yuhkinen Solo Medley
Beast In Black , Zodd the Immortal
Unearth , Zombie Autopilot
Last Dinosaurs , Zoom

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