Shane and 8Bit’s Adventure to Living | Enemy on Board

Me and Shane has decided to team up and go on an adventure to not die. While we spin to show our respect with each other, we also defeat enemies along the way.

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Game’s Discord Server:
Game Details: Six crew members wake up on the spaceship Andromeda. During their intergalactic travels, two crew members were infected by alien spores. These aliens are now on-board Andromeda, disguised in their host’s bodies. The crew members must discover who the aliens are and kill them. The aliens must keep their identities hidden and kill the crew. Both groups must keep the ship in good repair or risk a critical system failure explosion, killing everybody on board.

Hello, welcome to the description! Here you’ll see, Links to Social Media, Links to Songs I use for this video, and other things you’ll like to know.

Song Links:
Song List (Order in Appearance):
Green Greens – Super Smash Bros. Melee
The Chase – Deltarune
Lose Theme – Splatoon 2
Bob-Omb Battlefield – Super Mario 64
Win Theme – Splatoon 2
Sunshine Seaside – Super Mario 3D World
Your Contract has Expired – A Hat in Time
Outro Song:

Social Media:
Discord Server:

8BitF0x’s Official Usernames for Games:
Steam: 8BitF0x (8BitALT)
Roblox: realNinjaFox (ZombiesMatthew)
Minecraft: 8BitF0x

Wanna help me do subtitles? Yes? Oh, you said no… OKAY! HERE’S THE LINK ANYWAYS:

All Song Mentioned and Played during the video are not mine and belong to their owners.

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