Waterfall | Undertale Genocide

This was recorded live on Twitch:

Watch Matthew beat a fish to death with a book… yes a book in a videogame called Undertale where there can be three different endings and they all depends on your choses. Matthew’s is going for the genocide route which means he has to kill everyone in each place before continuing to the next.
Hello, welcome to the description! Here you’ll see, Links to Social Media, Links to Songs I use for this video, and other things you’ll like to know.

Song Links:
Beginning Song:
Outro Song:

Social Media:

Matthew’s Official Usernames for Games:
Steam: realRedFox or realVACFox
Roblox: realNinjaFox (ZombiesMatthew)
Minecraft: The_Yogskids

Wanna help me do subtitles? Yes? Oh, you said no… OKAY! HERE’S THE LINK ANYWAYS:

“Looks like you’re at the end of the description! Please note that we want to keep our comments section clean. So, please no mean or offensive comments.” – Matthew

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