Town of Salem | I’m a medium, doctor, jester, or sk?

Wow, me and my friend play some Town of Salem and I’m a sk? No, I’m a medium! Wait, no. Who am I? Watch the video to find out! Even though you’ll find out in 30 seconds in!

My Friend Exo Channel:

Game Link:

Hello, welcome to the description! Here you’ll see, Links to Social Media, Links to Songs I use for this video, and other things you’ll like to know.

Song Links:
Outro Song:

Social Media:

Matthew’s Official Usernames for Games:
Steam: realRedFox or realVACFox
Roblox: realNinjaFox (ZombiesMatthew)
Minecraft: The_Yogskids

Wanna help me do subtitles? Yes? Oh, you said no… OKAY! HERE’S THE LINK ANYWAYS:

“Looks like you’re at the end of the description! Please note that we want to keep our comments section clean. So, please no mean or offensive comments.” – Matthew

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